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About Us

AirNav Ireland provides air traffic management services including: Air Traffic Control Flight information Alerting and search and rescue services Aeronautical information North Atlantic Communications

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Air Traffic Management

AirNav Ireland provides air traffic management services in the 451,000 km2 of airspace controlled by Ireland. This airspace forms a crucial gateway for air traffic between Europe and North America.

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Flight Planning

Welcome to the AirNav Ireland Flight Planning area. This section contains allow pilots to file, change, delay or cancel flight plans.

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Aviation delivers strong economic and social benefits, but it can also have detrimental impacts on the environment. We have a critical part to play in driving down emissions and delivering a sustainable future for the industry.

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To make a request to AirNav Ireland under AIE legislation, we ask that you submit your request in writing to our Environmental Officer:

The Environmental Officer

AirNav Ireland

The Times Building

11-12 D'Olier Street


D02 T449


[email protected]


Fees & Appeals

Scale of fees:

  • Photocopying/printing: €0.05 per page
  • Information supplied electronically: no charge
  • Postage: at actual cost

In your letter/email, we ask that you:

  • Specify that you are making the request under AIE legislation and clearly state the environmental information that you are requesting
  • Please try to provide as much detail as possible to enable us to process your request efficiently
  • Include your return address

You will receive a response within one month from the date on which the request is received by AirNav Ireland.

There is no initial fee for making an AIE request. However, AirNav Ireland may charge a reasonable fee for supplying the information required, including photocopying and printing fees and postage fees.

Please be advised that Public bodies may refuse AIE requests on certain mandatory grounds (personal information/third party information) or discretionary grounds (commercial confidentiality etc).

If you would like to appeal a decision made by the AIE, you can do so by sending a request in writing asking for an internal review of the decision. Please address your review request to the contact person and address given above.

If after the internal review, you are unsatisfied with the decision and would like to make a complaint or appeal the decision again, you can do so by contacting the Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information (“OCEI”). Further details of the OCEI are available here or, by contacting the below.

Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information
18 Lower Leeson St.
Dublin 2
D02 HE97

You must appeal or make a complaint to the OCEI within one month of getting the reviewed decision from AirNav Ireland.