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AirNav Ireland provides air traffic management services including: Air Traffic Control Flight information Alerting and search and rescue services Aeronautical information North Atlantic Communications

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Air Traffic Management

AirNav Ireland provides air traffic management services in the 451,000 km2 of airspace controlled by Ireland. This airspace forms a crucial gateway for air traffic between Europe and North America.

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Flight Planning

Welcome to the AirNav Ireland Flight Planning area. This section contains allow pilots to file, change, delay or cancel flight plans.

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Aviation delivers strong economic and social benefits, but it can also have detrimental impacts on the environment. We have a critical part to play in driving down emissions and delivering a sustainable future for the industry.

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AirNav Ireland welcomes the CANSO Global Safety Conference 2023 to Dublin

27 November 2023

Dublin, Ireland, 27 November - AirNav Ireland is delighted to host the 2023 Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) Global Safety Conference, set to take place in Dublin from 27 to 30 of November. The conference brings together aviation professionals from around the world to discuss and collaborate on safety and technological advancements in air traffic management and air navigation services.

The CANSO Global Safety Conference is an invaluable platform that enables industry experts to share their knowledge, insights, and best practices, contributing to the overall enhancement of safety and efficiency in the aviation sector. With a strong focus on innovation, cooperation, and safety, this event aligns seamlessly with AirNav Ireland's mission to ensure the highest levels of safety and operational excellence is applied in air traffic management.

Dr. Peter Kearney, CEO of AirNav Ireland, expressed his support for hosting this prestigious event in the Irish capital: "We are honoured to welcome the CANSO Global Safety Conference to Ireland. This conference plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of aviation safety, and it is a testament to our commitment to excellence in air navigation services. At AirNav Ireland, we believe that the exchange of ideas and knowledge is crucial in driving progress and enhancing the safety and efficiency of our airspace. We look forward to facilitating meaningful discussions and collaboration during this conference."

Jack Chambers, Minister for State at the Department of Transport for Ireland, who will be speaking at the conference also shared his thoughts on this significant event: "The CANSO Global Safety Conference coming to Ireland is evidence of our nation's continued importance in the global aviation industry. This event will provide a unique opportunity for experts to explore the latest developments in air navigation services, aligning with the industry’s commitment to safety and innovation. We are delighted to welcome aviation professionals from across the globe and look forward to the fruitful discussions that will take place."

"Organising the CANSO Global Safety Conference 2023 in Dublin in partnership with AirNav Ireland is a great honour for us. This event is a crucial platform for aviation professionals worldwide to discuss safety and technological advancements in air traffic management. Our collaboration reflects a joint commitment to excellence in air navigation services, emphasising the importance of knowledge exchange and discussions to enhance safety and efficiency in our airspace," commented Simon Hocquard, CANSO Director General. "We look forward to the meaningful dialogue that will no doubt take place during this conference."

The CANSO Global Safety Conference promises to deliver a diverse programme covering a wide range of topics, including emerging technologies, data-driven solutions, and safety culture within the aviation sector. Delegates will also have the opportunity to engage in panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions with some of the most influential figures in air navigation services.

For more information on the CANSO Global Safety Conference 2023, please visit the official conference website:

AirNav Ireland looks forward to collaborating with CANSO and all conference delegates to further strengthen the global aviation community's commitment to safety and innovation.