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About Us

AirNav Ireland provides air traffic management services including: Air Traffic Control Flight information Alerting and search and rescue services Aeronautical information North Atlantic Communications

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Air Traffic Management

AirNav Ireland provides air traffic management services in the 451,000 km2 of airspace controlled by Ireland. This airspace forms a crucial gateway for air traffic between Europe and North America.

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Flight Planning

Welcome to the AirNav Ireland Flight Planning area. This section contains allow pilots to file, change, delay or cancel flight plans.

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Aviation delivers strong economic and social benefits, but it can also have detrimental impacts on the environment. We have a critical part to play in driving down emissions and delivering a sustainable future for the industry.

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Overview of Medical Requirements 

It is vital that Air Traffic Controllers are fit to do their job and thus the medical examination forms an essential element of the selection process. If you qualify and become an operational Air Traffic Controller, you will be required to undergo medical examinations every two years for the duration of your career.


There should be no hearing loss in either ear, when tested separately, of more than 20 dB (HL) at any of the frequences 500, 1,000 and 2,000 Hz, or of more than 35 dB (HL) at 3,000 Hz.


You must have normal colour vision and your visual acuity must be 6/9 or better in each separate eye and 6/6 together.

You may use contact lenses but there are limits on the amount of correction required. Correction must not exceed +5 or -6 dioptres equivalent spherical error in each eye.

If you have undergone any form of eye surgery, including laser visual correction, then you are technically disqualified. However, if after extensive ophthalmological testing, the Authorised Medical Supervisor is satisfied, then you may be deemed fit, providing that prior to surgery your vision was between +5 and -6 dioptres.

Cardiovascular System 

You must have normal blood pressure and no form of cardiovascular disease.

Neurological System

You must not have:

  • Epilepsy. However, 10 years without a seizure and without medication may be accepted.
  • Any progressive disease of the nervous system.
  • A risk of cerebral dysfunction.

Respiratory System

You must have no significant respiratory disease.

Urinary System & Gastro-Intestinal Tract 

You must have no significant disease of the urinary system and/or gastro-intestinal tract.

Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol consumption is strictly controlled and recreational drug use is forbidden for students and operational Air Traffic Controllers. You will be required to undergo random drug and alcohol testing throughout the course of your career.