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About Us

AirNav Ireland provides air traffic management services including: Air Traffic Control Flight information Alerting and search and rescue services Aeronautical information North Atlantic Communications

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Air Traffic Management

AirNav Ireland provides air traffic management services in the 451,000 km2 of airspace controlled by Ireland. This airspace forms a crucial gateway for air traffic between Europe and North America.

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Flight Planning

Welcome to the AirNav Ireland Flight Planning area. This section contains allow pilots to file, change, delay or cancel flight plans.

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Aviation delivers strong economic and social benefits, but it can also have detrimental impacts on the environment. We have a critical part to play in driving down emissions and delivering a sustainable future for the industry.

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What qualifications do I need to be considered for the Student Controller Programme? 

You need a Leaving Certificate with 5 passes (including Maths) with a grade H5 in at least two higher level papers. The educational standard required is a minimum of Level 5 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). An equivalent second level qualification may be acceptable but it must include Mathematically based subjects.  The National Framework of Qualifications is the single structure mechanism for recognising all education and training in Ireland.  Further details are available on 

When and where do you advertise for student air traffic controllers?

We advertise throughout the year on our website. In addition, on occasion we advertise in the national media. 

How do I apply to become a student air traffic controller?

You must complete the online application form. AirNav will review all applications received on a periodic basis, and based on the number of applications we will invite those applicants who meet the minimum requirements to begin the selection process.

Is there an age limit in becoming an air traffic controller?

There is no upper age limit.  However, you must be 21 years of age to be a licensed air traffic controller and because the training takes up to 2 years, an applicant must be at least 19 years of age when applying.

Where does AirNav air traffic control training take place?

Initial training takes place in AirNav Ireland's Training Centre at Ballycasey Cross, Shannon, Co. Clare. Students are then assigned to any of the three state airports (Dublin, Shannon or Cork) for practical training.

Do I have a choice in which airport I will be assigned to for practical training?

No, students are assigned to Stations based on needs at the time.

Do I get paid while participating in the Student Controller Programme? 

With effect from 19th May 2022, our Student Controller Programme classes will receive a student allowance of €300 per week for the duration of training, until the commencement of On the Job Training (OJTI), at which point they are paid €27,596

Does AirNav pay any travel or incidental expenses during the recruitment process for the SCP?


Does AirNav provide living accommodation for the students training as air traffic controllers?


How does the selection process for student air traffic controllers work? 

The selection process is outlined here. AirNav Ireland reserves the right to change the selection process and add or delete stages as determined by AirNav.

Data Protection 

AirNav Ireland will treat all personal/sensitive data as confidential and will not use or process it other than for legitimate purposes. AirNav will ensure that the information is accurate, kept up to date, and not kept for longer than is necessary. Measures will be taken to safeguard against unauthorised or unlawful processing and accidental loss or destruction or damage to the data. AirNav complies with the Data Protection Acts of 1988 and 2018.